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UPDATED INFO. 05/06/17 ** 2017 Proposed Aggression Control Test Phase 3 Change, 05/06/17

updated information re: Change to the NAPWDA Aggression Control Certification Test.

  The following has been presented to the NAPWDA Executive Board for adoption today. Discussion was held, a motion was made and seconded, voted on and APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY.

  This change becomes effective on January 1st, 2018.  This will have given all regular members nearly 1.5 years to have adopted the proper training techniques for successful completion of this certification test.


PHASE 3:  Chase and Apprehension of a Suspect:

The dog and handler from a position of cover will order the suspect to approach them.  When the suspect refuses and after that handler issues the appropriate verbal warnings, the handler will command their dog to apprehend the suspect.  The handler may then move to a position of cover if available.  The dog will pursue, apprehend and hold the suspect.  Upon the handler's arrival at the location of the dog and suspect and at the discretion of the Master Trainer, the handler will command the dog to release and call off.  The handler then orders the suspect to an appropriate position, approaches the suspect and then simulates handcuffing and a search of the suspect.  During this process, the suspect will display behavior consistent with a suspect that has just been bitten, including stumbling, loud vocalization and passive resistance.  The amount of stimulation displayed will be at the discretion of the Master Trainer.  Any additional intentional physical contact by the dog with the decoy at any time following the release of the initial apprehension will result in failure.