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Master Trainer Roster

A NAPWDA Master Trainer must be a "Regular" member of NAPWDA for at least 6 consecutive years and have been an accredited NAPWDA Trainer for at least 3 consecutive years prior to applying for accreditation. Members wishing to become an accredited NAPWDA Master Trainer will have been critiqued by at least two current NAPWDA Master Trainers for specific hours in each phase they are applying for, trained a specified number of totally green K9 teams and have a letter of recommendation from at least one NAPWDA Master Trainer. When their application package is complete they will then be required to appear before the committee for written tests and an oral assessment board. Upon approval by the NAPWDA Executive Board the Master Trainer will then serve a two year probationary period.
Roster Key:  ACCEL = Accelerant. BLDHND = Bloodhound. CADV = Cadaver. EXPL= Explosives. NARC = Narcotics. WILDLFE = Wildlife. TRK/TRL = Tracking & Trailing. UTL = Utility (Patrol).

state city last, first master of phone
AZ Elgin Pietras, Ken NARC, UTL 814.440.5873
CA Campo Lopez, Roy CADV, TRK/TRL 619.495.8030
CA Fontana Schofield, Bruce ACCEL, EXPL 909.350.2600
CT Torrington Dickey, James NARC, UTL 860.601.8152
CT Waterford Lane, Daniel NARC, UTL 860.625.2230
CT Enfield Osowiecki, Peter NARC 860.539.5045
CT Griswold Ravenelle, Michael NARC, UTL 860.213.2108
CT New Milford Scribner, William EXPL, NARC, UTL 203.546.0150
DE Middleton Holland, Frank NARC, UTL 203.515.8842
FL Cocoa Derrett, Ken NARC, UTL 321.403.5086
FL Tampa Dixon, Terry NARC, UTL 813.918.9687
FL Ft. Lauderdale Kentala, Carmen EXPL 954-707-0800
FL Titusville Scofield, Jan NARC, UTL 321.544.0842
GA Waycross Fullard, Wayne NARC, UTL 912.614.1141
GA Bethlehem Huff, J.R. (Jerry) EXPL, NARC 678.758.0864
GA Cumming Perkins, Mike NARC, UTL 314-608-2908
GA Blue Ridge Strickland, Greg CADV 954.445.4734
GA McDonough Turner, Tim EXPL 770.714.8827
IL Plainfield Badertscher, Robert NARC, UTL 815.955.1791
IL Chicago Burger, Kenneth NARC, TRK/TRL, UTL 773.282.0053
IL Chicago Rosenau, Joseph EXPL, NARC, UTL 708.473.1900
IN Charlestown Ashabranner, Richard EXPL, NARC, UTL 502.523.4452
IN Jeffersonville Jackson, Glenn NARC, UTL 502.817.4758
IN Valparaiso Kobitz, Todd NARC, UTL 219.405.1353
IN MIchigan City McHenry, Michael EXPL, NARC, UTL 574.326.6108
IN Elkhart Oldroyd, Jack NARC, UTL 574.536.6181
IN Elkhart Snyder, James NARC, UTL 574.215.8810
IN Hoagland Theurer, Robert NARC, UTL 260.437.1001
KS Olathe Clausius, Kyle NARC, UTL 913.963.6651
KS Overland Park Skogen, Matt EXPL 913.220.9652
MA Wilbraham Brewer, Joseph NARC 413.454.8466
MA Pittsfield Foisy, Dwane NARC, UTL 413.446.1654
MA Lee Raymond, Neil CADV, NARC, UTL, WLDLFE 413.243.0335
MA Ludlow Whitney, Michael NARC 413.237.6710
MD Thurmont Burdette, Brian NARC, UTL 240.464.1547
MI Orion Daisley, Al NARC, UTL 248.935.7006
MI Mt. Clemens Klute, Ed UTL 586.286.3866
MI White Lake McCullough, Michael NARC, UTL 866.236.0753
MO Joplin Best, Mike CADV, NARC, UTL 417.850.8941
MO Goodman Walthall, Travis NARC, UTL 417.434.6741
MO Raytown White, Gary NARC, UTL 816.356.4193
MT Belt Klostermeier, Kevin NARC, UTL 406.930.0426
NC Lexington Angelini, Franco EXPL, NARC, UTL 717.554.5520
NC Lexington Gutierrez, Shelly EXPL, NARC, UTL 336.239.8137
NC Murphy Hall, Matthew EXPL, NARC, UTL 813.690.6985
NC Morgantown Jones, Rusty NARC, UTL 828.674.9350
NC Aydlett Kelleher, Kevin NARC, UTL 757.816.2671
NM La Mesa Noziska, Robert CADV, TRK/TRL (915) 487-5802
NY Cobleskill Mackenzie, Stephen CADV, NARC, UTL, WLDLFE 518.255.5671
NY Rensselaer McCraith, Kyle EXPL, UTL 518.859.0968
OH South Euclid Fink, Michael NARC, UTL 440.840.4249
OH Port Clinton Hickman, Rob NARC, UTL 419.262.0597
OH Painesville Rich, Eugene NARC, UTL 440.354.3757
OH Hiram Shaughnessy, Paul EXPL, NARC, UTL 216.214.0060
OH Perry Watson, Jim CADV, NARC, UTL 440.796.1107
OH Fremont Woods, Brian NARC, UTL 419.355.3421
PA Sharpsville Brannon, John NARC, UTL 724.456.2929
PA Mechanicsburg Castle III, A. W. "Bill" CADV, EXPL, NARC, UTL 717.258.3981
PA N. Huntingdon Katich, Robert UTL 412.719.5426
PA North Huntingdon Katich, Robert NARC 412.719.5426
PA Old Forge Lutkowski, Joseph NARC, UTL 570.499.4315
PA Verona Moloney, James "Pat" CADV, NARC, UTL 412.793.1667
PA Pittsburgh Purcell, Gerard NARC, UTL 412.378.2913
PA Harrisburg Rosenberry, Mike NARC, UTL 717.652.3680
PA North Huntingdon Sombo, William NARC, UTL 724.433.2564
PA McKeesport Temple, Lee NARC, UTL 412.303.3125
PA Lock Haven VanGorder, David NARC 570.295.4378
RI Cranston Lucca, Anthony NARC, UTL 401.692.0572
SC Charleston Januszkiewicz, Mary "Mickey" CADV, NARC, UTL 843.696.4972
SC Simpsonville Wannemacher, Doug NARC, UTL 864.907.5781
TN Paris Faus Sr., William NARC, UTL 574.361.4460
TX El Paso Devaney, Matthew ACCEL, CADV, NARC, UTL 915.241.2862
TX San Antonio Pleasant, Tommy ACCEL 210-557-9109
VA Leesburg Bailey, Todd NARC, UTL 571.233.1056
VA Chesapeake Bennett, Harold "Ben" NARC, UTL 757.635.1835
VA Roanoke Cox, Randall NARC 540.521.8169
VA Hardy Hoover, John NARC, UTL (540) 525 7829
VA Amelia Moore, M.V. ACCEL, EXPL, NARC, UTL
VA Leesburg Rounds, Charles NARC 571-233-0717