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"Police Officer's Prayer"

"Police Officer?s Prayer" Lord help us protect the innocent, from the evil that men do. And keep us safe as we patrol, for we are the line of blue. May we walk our beats with you by our side, our mission to defend, The innocent who count on us, to bring in the evil men. For I do not wish to bring them harm, I only wish to serve, And bring justice to the lawless men, from my oath I will not swerve. Please forgive me for my sins dear Lord, should I commit them too. And should I have no choice but to raise my arm, may my aim be straight and true. Lord watch over our families, as we enforce the written laws. And comfort them, should I be slain, while fighting for the cause. For if I should not make it home, console those that I do love. Let them know I didn?t die in vain, and that you?re watching from above. And in the end when the evil get, the justice they deserve, May we walk a beat on heaven?s streets, for it?s you we wish to serve. Paul V. Bodnar