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The K-9 Team

"The K-9 Team" %% When duty calls, we?re first in line, %% To face danger in the night. %% They call on us, when it matters most, %% We?re ready for the fight. %% We?ve trained in darkness, rain and snow, %% To be ready for the call. %% And when it comes, we do our best, %% To make the evil fall. %% Through all the days and nights we?ve worked, %% You?ve been there by my side. %% You?ve never failed to do the tasks, %% And performed them all with pride. %% While some may call you just a beast, %% They just don?t understand. %% It?s just a game, you?ve learned to play, %% To catch the evil man. %% Some may call you man?s best friend, %% But to me you?re even more. %% Through thick and thin, you?ve served with me, %% You?re loyal to the core. %% And some of us, though only few, %% Know what it really means, %% To wear the badge, to hold the leash, %% To be a K-9 team. %% By Officer Paul Bodnar Monroeville Police Department K9 Unit, Monroeville, Pa., %% Pandl52@verizon.net