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A NAPWDA Trainer must be a "Regular" member of NAPWDA for at least 3 consecutive years prior to applying for accreditation. Members wishing to become an accredited NAPWDA Trainer will have been critiqued by at least two current NAPWDA Master Trainers for specific hours in each phase they are applying for, assisted Master Trainers with NAPWDA certifications and training and have a letter of recommendation from at least one NAPWDA Master Trainer. When their application package is complete they will then be required to appear before the committee for written tests and an oral assessment board. Upon approval by the NAPWDA Executive Board the Trainer will then serve a two year probationary period.
Roster Key:  ACCEL = Accelerant. BLDHND = Bloodhound. CADV = Cadaver. EXPL= Explosives. NARC = Narcotics. WILDLFE = Wildlife. TRK/TRL = Tracking & Trailing. UTL = Utility (Patrol).

state city last, first trainer of expires phone
CT Lebanon Hussey, Paul NARC, UTL 11/05/18 860.642.7300
FL Weeki Wachee Cicero, Richard UTL Inactive 434.294.5883
GA Lawrenceville Matson, David NARC 11/05/18 770.366.2785
GA Snellville Summe, Robert UTL 06/18/18 770.851.7796
GA McDonough Turner, Tim EXPL 11/05/18 770.714.8827
IL Frankfort Ryan, Richard NARC, UTL Inactive 815.464.6047
IL New Lenox Trevillian, Bruce NARC, UTL 06/18/18 815.671.5062
IN Fort Wayne Drummer, John NARC, UTL 06/06/17 260.438.2036
IN Fort Wayne Engelman, Dustin NARC, UTL 11/05/18 260.760.8004
IN Fort Wayne Faherty, Christopher NARC, UTL 11/21/17 260.797.2323
IN Valparaiso Kobitz, Todd NARC, UTL 11/21/17 219.405.1353
KS Overland Park Skogen, Matt EXPL 06/05/17 913.220.9652
MD Chestertown Carr, Mark NARC, UTL 11/05/18 410.810.1406
MD Bowie Heverly, Robert UTL 11/21/17 301.352.0347
MD Clarksburg Walden, Jeff EXPL, NARC 11/05/18 301.266.3151
MA Wilbraham Brewer, Joseph NARC, UTL 11/21/17 413.454.8466
MA Ludlow Whitney, Michael NARC, UTL 11/21/17 413.237.6710
MI Highland Godlewski, Gary NARC, UTL Inactive 810.887.2278
MO Festus Burkard, Scott NARC, UTL 06/06/17 314.606.1027
MO Eureka Werges, Mike NARC 06/18/18 636.346.1151
MT Shepherd Nyquist, James CADV 06/18/18 406.591.1055
NY Rensselaer McCraith, Kyle EXPL, UTL 06/05/17 518.859.0968
NY Red Hook McKay, William UTL 11/21/17 845.518.5226
NC Hendersonville Drake, Jennifer NARC, UTL 11/05/18 828.243.5661
OH Madison Collins, Matthew UTL 11/21/17 440.361.1543
PA Gibsonia Grubb, Matthew NARC, UTL 06/05/17 412.913.3766
PA N. Huntingdon Katich, Robert NARC, UTL 06/18/18 412.719.5426
PA Tarentum Naviglia, Michael NARC, UTL 06/18/18 724.553.4769
RI Cranston Lucca, Anthony NARC, UTL 11/21/17 401.692.0572
TN Paris Wade, Ricky NARC 11/21/17 731.571.5695
TX Austin Leider, Beck NARC, UTL 10/05/18 720.273.9357
TX San Antonio Pleasant, Tommy ACCEL 06/18/18 512.417.7328
VA Roanoke Cox, Randall NARC 11/05/18 540.521.8169
VA Leesburg Rounds, Charles NARC 06/18/18 540.636.2468
WI Fort Atkinson Jansen, Greg NARC, UTL 06/05/17 920.650.2904