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Wis. Supreme Court: Police Dog Sniffs Not A Search

The following is submitted by NAPWDA Master Trainer Jeanne Frost, Wisconsin, as published by the Associated Press. %% Wis. Supreme Court: Police Dog Sniffs Not A Search. Ruling Stems From 2005 Case. %% UPDATED: July 9, 2008 %% MADISON, Wis. -- The Wisconsin Supreme Court said sniffs by police dogs don't amount to searches. %% The ruling comes in response to a 2005 case from north-central Wisconsin. A Colby-Abbotsford police officer pulled over a car in which Ramon Arias was a passenger. %% The officer let his dog sniff around the car. The officer then searched the car and found a switchblade and a bag of what appeared to be cocaine. Arias argued the dog sniff amounted to a search. %% But Justice Patience Drake Roggensack wrote the U.S. Supreme Court has determined a dog sniff of a vehicle's exterior doesn't qualify as a search. Arias' attorney didn't immediately return a message.