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Bill Faus

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Bill became a police officer in 1967. He became a K-9 Officer in 1974 and was promoted to Lieutenant in charge of a seven dog Unit in 1976. At that time Bill became the Trainer. He spent 19 years in the K-9 Unit handling three dogs, two Dual Purpose and a Bomb Detection K-9. After 38 years of being a Law Enforcement Officer, he retired from the Elkhart Indiana Police Department as the Assistant Chief. He and his wife have moved to Tennessee. He worked for a short time for the Henry County Sheriffs Office and is still involved in the Police K-9 World. 

Bill joined the USPCA in 1974 and held the position of Vice President of Region #10 until 1977 when NAPWDA was formed. Bill was also one of the Founding Fathers of the Indiana Police Work Dog Association, where he served as a Master Trainer and Treasurer for that organization for a short time. He has trained and certified hundreds of dogs throughout his K-9 Career.

Bill is now a Senior Master Trainer, as well as being a Founding Father of NAPWDA, and has served as the National Treasurer for the past 26 years. 

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