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Membership Info

Renewal Information for Current Members:

Current Regular members wanting to RENEW their membership dues may log in to the Members Only section of the website and click on Membership Renewal. It will take you to the renewal payment page.

If you have not renewed for the current year, click here to renew before requesting access to the Members Only section. Your dues must remain current to access the Members Only areas.


Questions or problems with Membership or Renewals? Please email the NAPWDA Membership Chairperson, Mike McCullough, or call: 866.236.0753.

Member Benefits Include:

  • Continuing Education through local, state, and national workshops for K9 teams throughout the United States.

  • Receive a comprehensive magazine mailed out and available on the NAPWDA website in the member’s only area.

  • 24-hour per day access to Nationally Accredited Master Trainers and Trainers for problem-solving, new training techniques, criminal case law updates, and other questions.

  • National Certification to extremely high standards thus aiding to the credibility of the K9 team in court cases. NAPWDA Certification Standards have been upheld throughout the criminal court system.

  • Nationally Accredited Master Trainers may be brought into court to testify to the credibility and proficiency of the tested member K9 team.

New Member Applications:

Regular Members - Full initial membership in this association shall be open to any active law enforcement officer, military police, federal, state, county, municipal, or correction officer who is a canine handler, trainer, canine administrator, or person who was a law enforcement canine officer and is now employed full time as a canine trainer for a recognized law enforcement agency. Full membership shall also be open to any retired (vested or collecting a pension) law enforcement officer, military police, federal, state, county, municipal, or correction officer who was a canine handler, trainer, or canine administrator at the time of retirement. Regular NAPWDA members who are current in their dues at the time they leave their canine unit and remain a law enforcement officer are still eligible to be a Regular member so long as they remain active in NAPWDA and current in their dues. All regular members will be ineligible to vote at the first Executive Committee election following their membership acceptance. If a law enforcement agency pays for the member's membership dues, the agency has the right to reassign that membership to another person anytime during that dues period. The change in membership by the law enforcement agency must be in writing to the membership chairperson. The written change must include the current member's complete information and the new replacement person's complete information on a NAPWDA membership application. Accredited NAPWDA Master Trainers in good standing who have been in NAPWDA for 20 years or more are awarded lifetime memberships. Ready to apply to become a NAPWDA Regular Member? Click here.


Associate Members - An associate member shall enjoy all privileges except that he/she shall not have any voting privileges, nor shall they serve on the Executive Committee Board. All associate members must provide a current Criminal History Records Check at the time they initially join and upon renewing yearly (please have this ready to upload before continuing to the application). This record check must be obtained from a Law Enforcement Agency and cover that person for the ENTIRE State they live in or the ENTIRE United States (not just a city or county level). Any criminal convictions for crimes are grounds for review by the Membership Committee and may result in denial or revocation of or from Associate membership. All Associate members must be re-sponsored each year with the signature of a sponsoring member. Associate members may include any person sponsored by a regular member.

Certification of associate members' dogs will be determined by a Master Trainer. Associate member teams may only be certified in the passive tests: Obedience, Agility, Article Search, Area Search, Search and Rescue Area Search, Tracking, Trailing, Building Search, Cadaver, Explosives, and Accelerant (Accelerant - only if the associate member is an active firefighter who is a canine handler or trainer with their fire department and is assigned arson investigation duties through the use of the trained Accelerant K9 for that department. This test certification will not be valid for any private or non-Fire/Law Enforcement Department investigation.) If you are having trouble obtaining a criminal background check, you may contact for assistance.

Ready to apply to become a NAPWDA Associate Member? Click here


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