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K9 Magnum

End of Watch: August 20, 2012

It all began August 18, 2012, when police received a call at 9:14 a.m. that a gunman had entered the PNC Bank at Nichol Avenue and Drexel Drive.


No employees or customers were injured, but bank robbery suspect Joseph Turner, 22, did make it out with some money.


Witnesses told police that Turner fled the bank with a handgun and headed southward on a bicycle. Police tracked him with the assistance of Anderson police and Madison County Sheriff Department K9s to a wood line in the area of Eighth Street and Dale Keith Jones Road.

It was there that Magnum was released by his handler, officer Matt Jarrettand, and was shot by Turner, who then fled into a bean field.


Police set up perimeter and blocked the suspect off, Sandefur said, before the Anderson Fire Department brought out a snorkel that a SWAT team member used to work as a spotter.


He spotted Turner’s path, and police used a flash bang grenade to create movement and get him to come out, Sandefur said.


No officers were injured, and Turner was arrested at about 12:10 p.m.

Magnum was shot in the face and went into surgery on Saturday night, but veterinarians said Monday that he should be put down.

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