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K9 Gorky

End of Watch: January 23, 2014

K9 Gorky was shot and killed while accompanying an entry team during a hostage situation. A subject had just taken two juveniles hostage in a mobile home on South Angell Road.

Deputies had originally gone to the man's home to serve a warrant relating to a home invasion. When they arrived the subject fled to a nearby mobile home where he took the two hostages. He then called his probation officer and stated that he would shoot officers and kill the hostages if they attempted to arrest him.

The subject released the hostages a short time later in exchange for cigarettes. At approximately 6:30 pm a team made entry into the home led by K9 Gorky and his handler. The subject opened fire with a shotgun from behind a wall, striking K9 Gorky and his handler. Gorky was able to exit the home through the front door while his handler exited through a window. As his handler exited the window he was struck by friendly fire and wounded a second time. K9 Gorky succumbed to his wounds at approximately 1:00 am.

The subject was taken into custody a short time later and charged with multiple counts.

K9 Gorky had served with the Davie County Sheriff's Office for five years.

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