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Trustee - Alternate

Chris Smith

Chris Smith.jpg

Chris started training dogs for sport (IPO/Schutzhund) in the early 1990's. After working with some area K9 officers on the sports field, Chris began his law enforcement career in 1997 with the Boone County Missouri Sheriff's Office. In early 2002 Chris was selected for a K9 position and has worked three dual-purpose K9s.


In 2015, Chris started the Boone County Sheriff's Office K9 Training Center and is currently the Director of K9 Training and Development. Chris conducts several new handler classes each year and provides regular K9 maintenance training for over forty Missouri agencies.   


For several years Chris has been involved with police dog training with the German Polizei in Niedersachsen, Germany. 


Chris is a member of the NAPWDA Tactics Committee and a regular instructor of the Patrol K9 Tactics and Survival Class. 

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